December 13th session

10334 xp, 16th level

  • After giving up on the fomorian party continues deeper into the ruins.
  • They encounter a “guardian” of the dead god.
    • The guardian is both a divine and a primordial being. Very unique.
    • The guardian is defeated.
      • The life energy from the guardian heals the party, but also nearly burns them out.
  • After defeating the guardian party keeps moving towards the ruins of the main temple complex.
  • Within the ruins is overgrown corpse of the Feyborn god.
    • The body is covered with red and blue blooms.
  • Once on top of the body the Green Gnome appears.
    • He wants to deal with Kan’na only.
      • Kiri charges him.
        • Green Gnome calls his hillbilly cousins to his aid.
        • After a short scuffle the Green Gnome is killed.
          • After he is “killed” he becomes a 15 foot tall werewolverine thing.
        • After much blood loss the Green Gnome and his cronies are no more.


yanko128 yanko128

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