December 6th session

3610 xp

  • Jade Lynx enters Thiir’vaas through the air on Skadi.
  • While airborne they manage to get near the ruined city that houses the remains of the god.
  • Some wyveryn riding cyclopsi decided that Skadi was an easy prey.
    • They all died.
  • Once deep within the forest party proceeds on foot.
    • Nesslan waits in the forest for the group to return.
      • Sivan is mowing the deck, which begins to sprout.
  • Near semi-intact building party get ambushed by two fomorians and their cyclops lackeys.
    • One fomorian manages to escape back into the building.
    • Pursuit is slowed by traps.
      • Kiri seems to have fondness for bear traps.
      • The last fomorian used his ghost walk ability to thwart the pursuit.


yanko128 yanko128

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