February 21st session


  • The group appears in a cemetery in the middle of the woods.
    • Cemetery is surrounded by a wrought iron fence, no gates.
    • On top of the surrounding pillars are perching stone gargoyles.
    • There are 4 small mausoleums, 1 large one, and a large number of graves.
    • There is a lone armored warrior standing in front of the large mausoleum.
    • As Kiri advances towards the warrior a spectral eye appears and awakens the warrior.
    • More undead come out of mausoleums and out of the graves.
    • As the warrior moves into combat he animates the tombstone in a golem.
  • Once the last of the undead is defeated the cemetery begins to crack.
    • Beyond the cracks is a starry night sky.
    • The gargoyles begin to crack, revealing skeletal creatures inside the stone shell.
    • As the rest of the cemetery falls away the party mounts the skeletal gargoyles and begins flying.
    • The large mausoleum break open revealing a giant semi-mummified godling infant.
    • Flying through the nothingness the godling and it’s angel servitors fight the party.
    • Random pieces of the cemetery fly through the air.
    • Suddenly the godling is protected by an invulnerable force field.
  • The godling lands, all of it’s angels are defeated.
    • Godling lands on a platform with 4 pulsing orbs powering the force field.
    • Undead minions come out of the zone of emptiness in the floor.
    • Once the undead minion is destroyed another one comes up to take its place.
  • Once all for orbs are destroyed the force field goes away.
    • The godling lumbers over and attacks the party.
    • It summons more undead minions.
    • While the rest of the party deals with all the undead minions Kan’na begins to put some hurt on the godling.
    • Unleashes mindquake and meteoric shockwave, and retaliates with life eclipse.
    • Banishes Feawin to the dread realm.
    • At one point the godling begins to feedback all the damage it is taking onto the person that hurt it.
    • With a crit on the godling Sivan nearly kills himself.
    • With a disintegrate Quent weakens the godling enough for Lazarus to use the shard.
    • Lazarus thrusts the shard into the godling, paralyzing it and causing to to begin cracking.
    • The godling is emitting waves of deadly necrotic energy.
    • The pocket dimension begins cracking, opening a crack back to the real world.
    • Sivan sees a nearly invisible airship flying nearby.
      • The ship looks familiar, so he leaps onto it, landing face first on the deck.
    • Joachim leaps onto the ship with nearly dead Feawin, landing on Sivan.
    • Lazarus is still holding onto the shard, and along with the godling his artificial arm begins to crack and disintegrate.
    • Quent casts a fly spell and gets out of pocket dimension moments before the waves of necrotic energy kill him.
    • Kan’na leaps onto the ship, coming short, but manages to teleport on deck.
    • Kiri severs Lazarus’s arm and they get out.
  • Ship is piloted by K’i, who was to make sure that the Jade Lynx succeeded.
  • As the ship is flying away the pocket dimension is destroyed, with shards of damaging K’i’s ship.
    • He manages to get away, as pursuit is nowhere to be seen in the chaos following the godling’s destruction.


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