February 6th session

20th level

  • Skadi lies crashed in a ravine.
    • Jade Lynx decide to listen to the rider’s offer.
      • He wants the group to perform a ritual to free him from the Child’s control.
      • Ritual involves the divine shard and in the end killing the Child.
      • Moral dilemmas abound about freeing this evil creature.
      • He promises that he is not interested in dealing with Jade Lynx after he is freed.
  • The ritual is performed.
    • Kiri and Feawin have nothing to do with the ritual.
  • After the ritual the rider, Xirasz, and the dragon, Ananata Boga, take Jade Lynx to Sah’akii.
    • Xirasz was a regent in one of the Hobgoblins nations, but was betrayed by someone close to him.
    • Xirasz is some kind of a litch, Ananata Boga is his phylactery.
    • Ananata Boga is a dracolitch, and Xirasz is her phylactery.
  • Jade Lynx arrive at the main temple of Sah’akii.
    • Xirasz lands in a small courtyard in the temple.
    • Jade Lynx goes into the temple.
      • They avoid a small patrol and quickly dispatch another group.
    • They get to a locked door to the inner sanctum.
      • First attempt to open the door fails.
      • The hallway quickly turns icy and a feeling of dread overcomes everyone.
      • Group quickly figures out the door and goes through safely.
    • On the other side they encounter another group of the walking dead.
      • The are led by Kharlea, Kiri’s little brother.
        • Attempt to talk to him fails.
        • A rough fight brakes out.
        • Jade Lynx comes out victorious.
          • Unless the Child is killed soon Kharlea will rise again.
    • As party is trying to decide if the want to rest or keep going the room fills with light.
      • The portal in the room seems to become angry.
      • The party takes their chances and goes into the portal.


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