January 17th session

6447 xp, 17th level

  • Skadi enters Tuvar’Axxi Mesa.
    • Vegetation on the mesa seems to be corrupted by the demonic forces in Vress’natar.
  • Skadi arrives in Vress’natar without any problems.
    • From the moment party disembarked they were being followed.
    • They avoid a large contingent of troops trying to capture them.
    • They capture one of the people following them.
      • He was “unemployed” and was paid 2 gold to follow you, along with 4 other “unemployed” men.
      • They were hired by Al’handra Bei’laqua, one of Kan’na’s former associates.
  • Party visits Al’handra Bei’laqua.
    • She has been working with Athaeol Di Hav’I’lhaand, another one of Kan’na’s former associates.
    • Short conversation leaves Al’handra and her arachnid guard dead.
  • Party sneaks into the main temple complex.
    • Going over the fence provides some crazy hi jinx.
      • Spindly chimpanzee-kangaroo things are involved.
    • In the temple Quent disguises the party as tiefling priests.
    • Party makes their way unnoticed to the tree-temple complex bottom.
    • In a room filled with mist they find the remains of the fey god.
      • The corpse is covered with some sort of large worms feeding on the body.
      • In the room they encounter Athaeol Di Hav’I’lhaand.
        • He forsook being a tiefling, and moved onto being a demon.
        • He wants the Divine Shard to power up the worm feeding on the dead god.
          • The abyssal worm is lowly transforming the world into another layer of Abyss.
    • There is a scuffle between Athaeol and the Jade Lynx.


Quick question (tell me if they get annoying) Where do you think up of these names?

January 17th session

I just make them up. Sometimes use foregin words and totally butcher them.

January 17th session
yanko128 yanko128

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