January 24th session

5000 xp

  • Jade Lynx makes a quick stop in Yer’a’vaan Gate to resupply and gather info.
  • Next stop is in Stillwaters for more information.
    • Party finds out about a cave complex just east of Ays’illith capital.
  • Entering the Eld’rahiin kingdom of Als’alonn from the west.
    • Skadi is able to outrun the border defenses.
    • The capital is guarded by a small air fleet.
      • Leading the fleet is the Phoenix, Als’alonn flagship.
    • The plan is hatched to loose the pursuit between the buildings where they are unable to follow.
      • Kan’na I’ra and Quent are to use their arcane powers to turn Skadi invisible for a few minutes.
      • Feawin is to create a flare off the engine to simulate an explosion.
    • Entering the city “Lazarus” is flying low as the Als’alonn airships begin to pursue.
      • After few rough turns everyone almost falls off the ship.
        • Kiri kicks a yippy dog. Into oblivion.
      • Lazarus crashes skadi into a temple tower.
      • Feawin creates an engine flare.
        • Combined with the impact the flare causes a reactor core breach.
        • Feawin almost gets fried. Saves herself by creating a wall of brambles.
      • Joachim almost shoots himself in the face with the 5 lb cannon.
      • Quent and Kan’na turn Skadi invisible.
      • The cave system is found and Skadi lands.
        • Nesslan begins much needed repairs, while a group goes into the city.
    • Quent uses his illusions to disguise everyone as locals.
    • Party finds their way to the temple complex and manages to go inside without any trouble.
    • They find a way down, and run into some guards.
      • Party manages to bluff their way past the guards, only to be stopped by them on a lower level.
        • The guards are not sure how to deal with with the party.
      • A VERY old eladrin shows up and dismisses the guards.
        • He is His Lordship Hiith’aan, Arch Pontefix of Ays’li.
          • Hiith’aan helps the party get the last fragment of the divine essence.
    • Quent turns the party invisible, and everyone gets back to Skadi.
      • Skadi gets out of the cave before the search parties find her.
        • In the process she blasts a ship blocking the cave entrance.


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