January 31st session

7200 xp, 18th level

  • Skadi stops in Shaarecal for supplies and information.
    • Undead troops in the north are on the move.
    • Drakkath Empire is reinforcing their borders.
  • Next stop is Ir Dessi Protectorate.
    • More news on undead movements.
    • Due to war time Skadi cannt fly through the Protectorate.
    • Decision is made to go around into the mountains in the west.
  • An enormous skeletal dragon comes out of the night sky and attacks Skadi.
    • “Lazarus” Attempts to hide from the beast in the ravines below.
    • The dragon’s rider jumps onboard and tries to murder everyone.
      • In the middle of the fight the rider pauses, his eyes begin to glow purple instead of red.
      • He offers Kan’na to make a deal.
        • Kiri stabs him in the back ending the negotiations.
      • With negotiations over the rider causes Skadi to crash.
      • The rider is killed in the process.
        • His spirit remains, mocking the Jade Lynx.


yanko128 yanko128

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