January 3rd session

5520 xp

  • Absorbed the power of the dead god.
  • On the way up to Skadi run into a deranged eladrin.
    • She seemed to have an intimate connection with the forest itself.
    • The presence of “civilized” people, especially the unliving “Lazarus” offended her.
    • After a short scuffle between the party and the eladrin and her tree friends Skadi picks up the group.
  • On the way out of the forest Skadi is attacked by Vulture Hellkites.
    • These are very nasty creatures that resemble a cross between a drake and a bird.
    • A very large Hellkite joins the frey, scaring off the little guys.
      • A chase through the trees takes place.
      • Eventually the Hellkite is driven off.
  • Skadi gets out of the forest and continues south.


yanko128 yanko128

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