November 8th session

3000 xp, 15th level

  • The carrige trip continues.
  • Arrive at a large dig site run by the undead cohorts of the Grave Baronies.
    • Upon closer examination the undead are unearting and attempting to animate an enormours draconic skeleton.
  • The trip continues, eventually leading out of the Grave Baronies.
  • Got attacked by some ogre brigands.
  • Eventually made it back to Ir Dessi Protectorate.
  • Once made it back to Skadi the ship seemed strangely quiet.
    • K’i was waiting for the party.
      • There is a short scuffle with K’i.
  • Next few days are spent in the brig of K’i’s airship.
    • Quent was allowed to bring “Lazarus” back to life.
  • Arrive on board of a large Drakkath airship.
    • It is a flagship of Lord Chhay’thaenn, Imperial Spymaster of the Drakkath Empire.
      • Group manages to convince the Spymaster to let them continue with their quest.


yanko128 yanko128

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