November 8th session
3000 xp, 15th level
  • The carrige trip continues.
  • Arrive at a large dig site run by the undead cohorts of the Grave Baronies.
    • Upon closer examination the undead are unearting and attempting to animate an enormours draconic skeleton.
  • The trip continues, eventually leading out of the Grave Baronies.
  • Got attacked by some ogre brigands.
  • Eventually made it back to Ir Dessi Protectorate.
  • Once made it back to Skadi the ship seemed strangely quiet.
    • K’i was waiting for the party.
      • There is a short scuffle with K’i.
  • Next few days are spent in the brig of K’i’s airship.
    • Quent was allowed to bring “Lazarus” back to life.
  • Arrive on board of a large Drakkath airship.
    • It is a flagship of Lord Chhay’thaenn, Imperial Spymaster of the Drakkath Empire.
      • Group manages to convince the Spymaster to let them continue with their quest.
October 25th session
7434 xp, 14th level
  • Short “discussion” with the undead woman.
  • Dropped two alchemical tables onto the guards near the carrige.
    • Used the carrige to get out of the city.
      • Foiled a pursuit out of the temple complex.
  • Left the city heading east, instead of south.
  • While traveling got ambushed by a group of forsaken, led by the Shifter-like creature encountered before.
    • The creature revealed itself to be Kiri’s brother, at leasst at some point in the past then he was still alive.
    • Managed to escape for the creature.
October 18th session
4,930 xp
  • The undead summoned up by Ves’teel’naxash were quickly dispatched.
  • “Lazarus” got the essence of Sah’ren into the shard.
  • On the way out the undead guards began to reanimate.
    • Went deeper into the temple complex, avoiding guards.
    • Came out onto a balcony overlooking a small courtyard.
      • There is a carriage in the courtyard.
    • Another door on the balcony opened, with rather surprised undead woman looking at the party.
2340 xp

Entry by Kan’na I’ra

After leaving the relative safety of the Ir Dessi Protectorate, we rode from town to town, sleeping indoors each night. Strange sounds, like scratching claws, were heard outside the windows of houses and inns where we stayed. The entire place gave most of us the creeps, though some of us thought Lazarus might want to build a summer home here. After about a week riding through the Grave Baronies, we heard screaming off in the woods.

Faewin knew that it was a girl’s scream, and we decided that we had enough time to try and make sure she was safe. Following two sets of tracks, we came to a Fey Circle, where the tracks split up. Here, we also caught sight of some very strange feline-like prints that followed each of the more humanoid tracks. The girl’s footprints were followed by one very large set of prints, and we figured that it would be a good idea to make sure she was safe first. When we got to the place in the river where the girl was surrounded by several very feral Shifter-like creatures, Kiri decided to use dwarven diplomacy methods learned from Hawkeye (may he rest in peace). When the large feral Shifter saw Kiri, it growled an order to the others, and they scattered into the woods.

The girl was incapable of coherent speech, so we just took her back to where Caldren had the horses tethered, and then went to check on her companion. There were more of the Shifter beasts at the mouth of a cave, and it was obvious that they were trying to flush something out of it. Once they backed off, we were able to coax a male Drow from inside. He was instantly anxious for the girl we had saved, who turned out to be his fiance.

We and the newly reunited couple took shelter on a nearby bluff, in the hut of a hermit. During our stay, Quentin noticed something rather off about our host. The man’s reflection in anything shiny resembled a long-dead corpse in an advanced state of decay. We were able to get a little information out of him, though not much, since he was obviously very old, and extremely crafty. It would appear that he is one of the original Revenants from the Cataclysm that created the Grave Baronies. The Hermit told us that for many years, the Triumvirate has been gathering an army by kidnapping anyone they could lay hands on and turning them undead. He seemed surprised and doubtful of our mission to enter Sahakii, the capitol city. “Only death awaits you there,” he told us.

Between the Hermit’s hut and the city, we had the necessity of fighting with the Shifter beasts. It was troublesome, but we managed. Before entering the city, we disguised ourselves as various forms of undead, from Revenants to ghosts and one Death Knight. The temple was easy enough to find. Just as the Hermit said, it was large and gaudy, and in the middle of everything. It is also quite possibly the place where we will all die.

We went inside, only to be met with complete darkness. Quentin gave us light for a moment, and immediately extinguished it. There were rows upon rows, rank on rank of skeleton warriors. A narrow strip of floor led further into the chamber, and Quentin led us through, past more skeletons, who only stood there, more of their fellows dangling from the ceiling in several layers. Larger remains of giants were also in this room, an army awaiting activation. Further along, we came to a courtyard, where there were skeletal wyverns perched high above. Five doors opened onto the courtyard, with signs above each, reading First Cohort, Second Cohort, Third Cohort, Fourth Cohort, and Temple Complex. The room we had just exited was the Hall of the Honor Guard.

Choosing the Temple Complex, we proceeded through more rooms filled with skeletal warriors, these being the remains of Gargoyles. Through hallways and down staircases we went, still passing dormant soldiers. All the while, the shard that I had so kindly helped Lazarus remove from his chest grew warmer in my hands. We found the corpse of the dead god floating beneath a glass ceiling below us, and continued downward, until we got to a side chamber that was filled with bones that were not assembled. A figure appeared ahead of us, and demanded that we give over the shard. We refused, of course, and asked who she could possibly be to ask such a thing.

Ves’teel’naxash, as she named herself, is the Second Pillar of the Triumvirate, the highest ruling body in the Grave Baronies. When we refused yet again to give up the shard, she simply vanished, calling us “foolish children”. The bones in the room began to shift, rising up in a manner most ominous. How long before they fully assemble themselves, we do not know. There seems only one choice. The door ahead leads to another flight of stairs, though where they might take us remains to be seen.

October 4th session
1834 xp, level 13
  • Traveling north to Grave Baronies.
  • Stopped in Sarset so Nesslan could get tools to build some sort of a lightning cannon for Skadi.
    • Her shop is being watched by the city guard due to ongoing investigation.
  • While flying over Nesari’s Bulwark the cultists from the Breath of Xenthras and their dragon appear again.
    • Caldren manages to outrun the dragon in the ravines.
  • Skadi is stopped at the border of Ir Dessi Protectorate.
    • The group is informed that the Grave Baronies are building up an army the likes of which have not been seen since the War of Crimson Ash.
    • The commander of the border garrison seems to be friendly towards the group’s plight.
  • Group spends a night in a nearby town, ready to fly to the capital of Ir Dessi Protectorate.
    • From there they plan to proceed on foot in into the Grave Baronies.
    • On their way out the get attack by their cultist pursuers.
      • The cultists are led by Caldren’s father, now machine more than man, twisted and evil.
      • They are after the Omnibus.
      • The dragon gets involved.
      • After the battle, with his last breath Caldren’s father mentions Ironheart Woods.
        • Probably where Caldren’s mother is now.
September 20th session
3034 xp
  • The group arrives at the broken capital of Riil’var.
    • The entire city is surrounded by a wall of shimmering energy.
      • Within this wall are feyborn souls suspended for eternity.
      • All colors within the wall are washed out.
    • Near the city is an Eladrin military encampment.
    • Group encounters some unliving feyborn wondering through the city.
      • There are more unliving feyborn near the ruined temple of Rii’va.
    • “Lazarus” risks his life to absorb some of the remaining divine energy into the shard form the library.
    • The spirits in the earth attempt to grab him to prevent his escape.
    • On the way out the group runs into an Eladrin patrol.
September 13th session
1920 xp
  • Arrive in a small city in southern Haal’ca, near the northern border with Riil’var.
  • Group gets approached by a rough looking fellow looking for “Hawkeye”.
    • The man is Joachim Thorne, Hawkeye’s mentor.
    • He is looking for help dealing with the incursion of Eladrin invading Riil’var.
  • There is a group of Eladrin that just recently arrived in town.
    • The party decides to investigate these feyborn.
    • The investigation revealed that this group was gathering intellgenece for a large Eladin army.
      • Some Eldrin were harmed during the investigation.
September 6th session
4275 xp
  • Named Nesslan’s ship Skadi.
  • Left Sarset heading south to Riil’var.
    • Run into the dragon the party encountered in the past.
    • Avoided it by going up into the clouds.
      • Clouds were home to giant, jellyfish-like Living Thunderheads.
      • Got ambushed twice, once by a vrok, once by some harpies and thir undead dragon pet.
      • Skadi took large amounts of damage during the fight.
      • Caldren piloted Skadi to safety.
  • Above the clouds are floating a dozen earthmotes, with ruins of a city build on them.
    • Various drakes circle the earthmotes.
    • When approaching the largest earthmote a wind gust knocks Makeda off the ship.
      • She falls into the woods on the earthmote.
    • The ruins seem to be some sort of a Gith city.
  • Rescuing Makeda.
    • The ruins are crawling with Red Caps, who have gone totally feral.
    • They have sacrificed Makeda to something called the Beast Below.
    • After killing their shaman ans scaring them off the party gets into the dungeon where Makeda is.
      • The dungeon is full of scattered bones, walls have carvings of ravenous beasts.
      • Second room is a trap that pushes it’s victims into a pool with an undead shark.
      • The center room is the home to the Beast Below, a rather nasty Behir.
      • The party navigates the maze looking for Makeda, while fighting the monster.
        • Makeda is found by Caldren at the last minute, though she is unconscious and very badly hurt.
      • The floor collapses and everyone falls, getting caught in the roots hanging below the earthmote.
      • The beast tries to get back up, but falls to its death.
      • “Lazarus” sneaks out of the ruined dungeon and gets Skadi.
      • Everyone is rescued from below the earthmote.
    • Makeda dies due to heavy internal injuries suffered from the fall and the Beast Below.
    • Skadi is in need of serious repairs.

Makeda R.I.P

August 30th session
2500 xp
  • Nesslan sent the group to the nearby town to get some supplies to repair the ship.
    • The ship has no cabin to speak of, so supplies to build and furnish the cabin were also needed.
  • While in town the group noticed a dragonborn woman asking about an airship surrounded by lightning that landed nearby.
    • She seemed out of place in this industrial area of town.
  • “Lazarus” rented a wagon to appear inconspicuous while leaving town with some I-beams and lumber.
  • Leaving town, the group spotted the dragonborn woman going into the woods towards the ship.
  • Kiri followed the woman into the woods.
    • The woman was clearly not used to the wilderness.
    • Kiri approached her and found out that the woman,Vekhi, had some information for the crew of the airship.
    • The group got back to the ship with all the supplies, and little later Kiri and Vekhi got back to the camp as well.
    • Vekhi had the following information:
      • The remnants of the Jade Lynx have been turned into walking dead.
      • They are under the control of a man? in Natiir going by the name of K’rii’ishas.
        • He first showed up in Natiir about a month before Jade Lynx got ambushed.
        • She knows that someone is behind K’rii’ishas’s actions, but doesn’t know whom.
  • While talking to Vekhi the group got attacked by the undead remnants of Jade Lynx.
  • After two waves of enemies, a third group of undead, lead by Grog, “Hawkeye’s” adopted son, attacked.
    • After trading words, “Hawkeye” and Grog began to trade blows.
      • “Hawkeye” came out short on this exchange, as Grog the Death Knight has learned few new tricks.
      • In the end both “Hawkeye” and Grog were proved equal, as the duel ended in them killing each other.

Boris “Hawkeye” Hammerfist R.I.P.

August 23rd session
  • Inside the vault is a statue and twelve sub-vaults.
    • Above each sub-vault door is a a short title.
      1. Creation Set In Stone And Given Life
      2. Truth Within The Machine
      3. Shattered Tomb Of Storms
      4. Fury Of The Scaled One
      5. Hall Of Beasts
      6. The Beginning And The End Of The Great Five
      7. Darkness That Sleeps Within The Frost
      8. Empire Beneath The Mirror
      9. Fivefold Gaze Of The Child
      10. Razor Tears Of Heavens
      11. Mystery Within The Horned One
      12. The Frozen Heart
    • There is writing above the entrance into the main room.
      • Take only that which fate meant for you to take, else remain with my domain to share your tales – Shulan Sekk
    • Once “Lazarus” tries to open the sub-vault 6 the statu asks him to stop.
      • After a bit of a rumble they are allowed to enter the sub-vault.
    • Within they find a vast library focused on the feyborn as well as a black obsidian shard.
      • The obsidian shard is a fragment of divinity that was splintered off during the creation of the fey gods.
  • On the way out they are confronted by Lieutenant Serrn’thii of the Legion of the Jade Lynx.
    • She claims to be in command of Jade Lynx after a miraculous escape.
      • Since Major Nek’toroh is now dead she took over command and is currently on contract with Natiir.
    • Caldren and Feawin suspect she is now undead.
    • After a short discussion, during which the group refuses to hand over the shard, she collapses the balcony they are standing on.
    • As the group is falling they are attacked by the Dragon Guard that were under orders from Serrn’thii.
    • Before everyone smashes on the ground they are saved by Nesslan and her deathly dangerous airship.

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