August 16th session
  • Went to see an antiquities dealer D’ehels, and old business partner of Caldren’s parents.
    • Traded away all of the unusual currency.
  • Went to see Hexxlen, an old storm genasi woman who knows much about artifacts that Caldren’s parents would recover.
    • She could tell that Omnibus is a powerful weapon, but much beyond that.
    • Her daughter Nesslan knows someone who might be able to get the group into the library.
      • She is building an airship powered by a fragment of a lightning primordial.
  • Meeting with Nah’tis
    • Nah’tis is an apprentice to the Imperial Historian at the Grand Library.
    • He was convinced to help the group get to the vault.
    • K’i attacks after the meeting with Nah’tis.
      • After a short scuffle he is dropped a quarter of a mile.
        • After falling through a random passing airship, a tenement building, through the basement and into the sewers, with the airship crashing on top of him he gets away.
        • While getting away he punches Kiri in the face.
  • The Grand Library
    • There has been an accident at the Grand Library and a repair crew is needed.
    • Party disguises themselves as repair crew.
    • Once in the library the group disables few Dragon Guard they go into the Library vault.
August 9th session
  • Few days in Shaarecal are peaceful.
    • Caldren learns a new song about his father’s adventures, an adventure that has never happened.
    • In addition to K’i, other people were looking for the “half elf traveling on the falcon”.
  • Left Shaarecal without any trouble.
    • Short time after leaving the port an enormous dragon began following the Falcon.
    • The dragon, and it’s riders, all were a mixture of living or dead flesh and machine, drones created by Breath of Xenthras. They were after Caldren’s weapon, the Omnibus.
    • After defeating the cultists the remainder of the trip went smoothly, with Falcon being able to outrun the few pirates attempting to prey upon it.
  • Arrival in Sarset.
    • K’i is around, but he has not shown himself yet.
One last stop

Taken from the log book of Captain Osonah.

As if those frigid monsters weren’t enough bunch of feyborn teleported on board and started a racket. I’m glad that all these people want the grave robbers dead and leave my crew and the Falcon alone.

Shaarecal is peaceful this time of the year, and if not for those grave robbers I might have actually enjoyed my stay here. Not that I care they rob graves, but their activities attract too much attention. Apparently K’i the Bounty Hunter is looking for them, as well as some other unsavory types I’ve never heard of. I thought i made a lot of enemies, but i got nothing on these grave robbers.

This last stretch of the journey should go pretty fast. My only hope is that they will disembark in Sarset before K’i decides to end them.

They are grave robbers

Taken from the log book of Captain Osonah.

These people we picked up in Senn’he seem to attract death to them like Bleak Ones attract the Hunters. At least they pay well, for now. IF they don’t destroy Ferrum Falcon I might even make some money on this trip… But that’s a big IF. If they hurt my ship i hope they drown thousand times over!

Our escape from Senn’he didn’t go without some complications. Whatever they angered back in the city followed them in the form of some kind of frosty ducks. Once they managed to catch up with us they had a frosty fight with whatever it was that’s after them. Even though they made a pretty quick work out of it they did took a serious beating. At least the crew and the ship weren’t damaged. My guess is they stole something from one of the tombs. Assuming they are grave robbers might be better not to stop in other cities in Haal’ca.

I guess the next stop will be in Shaarecal in three days, whether they like it or not.

The Big Chill

Hawkeye’s failure to be diplomatic in any way, shape, or form caused us to have to fight with the two deva in the tomb. This was made all the more difficult because the floor was composed of tiles that caused anyone standing on them to be teleported to various places in the tomb at random. We ‘killed’ the deva, but their ghosts rose up and fought us again, and then after we extinguished their ghosts, the entire tomb began to shake, centering on a mass of energy forming between the two sarcophagi at the other end of the chamber.

It did not take long for everyone to agree that we should beat a hasty retreat. After we got back to the world above, the ground began to freeze, frost and ice spreading outward from the tomb. We re-entered the rest of the city, attempting to look nonchalant as guards ran past, ready to deal with whatever disturbance was causing the ice to spread. They ran back the other way when they realized that it was beyond their abilities, and we saw a group of guards escorting someone that was obviously important toward the tomb once again.

We went to the docks, intent upon leaving as soon as possible. The dockmaster told us that the lockdown was still in effect, and that no ships could leave. If we wanted to exit the city on foot, we were more than welcome to do so. He also told us (after some rather obtuse questioning from myself and Faewin) that the tomb belonged to Zheldaan, the traitor who tried to overthrow the emperor. His soul was split in two to make him less powerful. After that, the dockmaster blustered something about having work to do and left.

Not a moment after that, we saw a group of guards hassling people that were obviously travelers, and another group began coming after us. Pelaios called to us from an alley, and we followed him to the Ferrium Falcon, intent upon leaving, rather than being persecuted for being non-locals. The captain was reluctant to leave under a state of lockdown unless he received an exorbitant sum with which to bribe the dockmaster upon his return. We managed to talk him down a bit on the price, and he kicked his rust-bucket into gear. Faewin began huddling in a corner, saying something about how we should have gotten a lifeboat.

Buchakka and Sivan used what we had thought were lifeboats to block cannon shot, and the Falcon got under way. It was slow going for some time, but with some fancy (and dangerous) maneuvering, we managed to avoid the worst damage. We did lose one of the armored ‘lifeboats’ when we dropped it overboard to execute a very sharp turn that ended in two of the pursuing boats nearly crashing into one another. I accidentally got a hole blasted in the side of our ship, because I knocked the gunner away from the cannon, but it stopped while pointing at the Ferrium Falcon.

Now, we are steaming down the river and the crew is repairing the ship, which seems to be mostly patchwork the more we look at it.

Dwarven Diplomacy At Its Best
this is why we don't let the dwarf talk.

Once we had left the sphinx, there was a corpse that looked as if it was some kind of elf. It was fully dismembered, and impaled upon a broken sword. Caldren’s information from the Eladrin scout’s journal has led us to believe that this was one of their comrades, killed by the “warped” elves and Eladrin they spoke of before. Faewin decided to give him a proper burial, even though she knew that her people would have done almost the same thing to him.

Continuing on the way to Sarset, we came to the city of Tal Hed. The city was, upon our arrival, under martial law. Apparently, two days before we arrived, kobolds and dragonborn had made an assassination attempt on the local prince. Rumors about hostilities from the Drakkath Empire flew faster than lightening, and suspicion reigned. Faewin and Makeda went to the library to get some information while Kiri Hawkeye and Lazarus went to get a room, and a ship to go up north to Sarset.

Hawkeye found five ships docked, but only two sailed north. One was expensive, and all of the animals would have to be placed in quarantine cages for the duration of the voyage. The Ferrum Falcon, however, was cheap, and the captain much more hospitable toward our fuzzy friends. So, Hawkeye contracted this boat, even though Kiri had severe protests about the safety of the vessel. A gnoll captains the Ferrum Falcon, going by the name of Osonah, and he has a dwarven first mate, though Buchakka is hardly reconizable as such because of his highly hairy nature. He also has an engineer, who primarily stays below deck to tend to the extremely temperamental engine. Ootar is a Hobgoblin with a mechanical arm, and a knack for fixing the unfixable.

Buchakka advised Hawkeye toward a tavern called the Drunken Ass, easily identified by its unique sineage. The Drunken Ass served some of the most vile liquor I’ve ever experienced. Their hops hard liquor could probably be an alternative fuel source for airships if no air elementals are to be found. Faewin became tipsy simply from breathing nearby a few of the other patrons. Hawkeye found the Drunken Ass to be a wonderful bargain, since he could get three rooms for a single gold piece. Since this incident—Kiri refused to sleep in the place—no one wants to let him pick the inns we stay in anymore.

As they were talking amongst each other, deciding their next move, Captain Osonah walked in and sat in one of the booths. He was obviously making a deal with an extremely shady-looking individual, but it went sour, because the shifty fellow had pulled a gun on Osonah not long after their conversation began. Unfortunately, Osonah was even less reputible than his companion, because the gun he out under the table fired off a shot, killing the shady man instantly. The bartender shrugged and sighed as he hauled the dead man out back to be disposed of later.

Kiri and Faewin decided to sleep in the park, since the inn was not up to their standards. They asked the bartender where a park might be found. He replied that there was a park in one of the nicer neighborhoods, but that one could and would arrested for “streaking” through it. Both young ladies were confused and surprised by this statement, but did not ask why knew this. There are some things better not being known. They went to the park, but it was not suitable for sleeping in, because they could not climb into the trees, since they were more like large shrubs. They went off to find a nicer inn, but they were not very good with urban exploration, so they found an inn that was niceish, but rented rooms by the hour. Kiri had to drag Faewin out before she could get the price for a full night…

They found a nice inn, where they got one room for five gold pieces. The next day, the returned to the Drunken Ass, not mentioning that they slept in real beds. When they were nearly to the Drunken Ass, they stopped dead in their tracks. Across the road, there ran a man without any clothes, followed by another man—thankfully fully dressed—wielding a length of building plank. Later on, Kiri and Lazarus went out to get supplies, while Faewin and Makeda went to the library yet again.

While Kiri and Lazarus were out on the town, they left Hawkeye at the Drunken Ass. Someone stole the cylinder from Lazarus, and it was clear that they knew he had it, and that it was the only thing they wanted from him. They tried to follow him, but he met with others, and then they split up. Kiri and Lazarus split up, and while they did not catch them, they managed to track them to an nondescript tomb. A quick look inside revealed a chamber full of bovine-sized spiders. It was time for reinforcements.

They returned to the Drunken Ass to find Hawkeye living up to that name. He was highly upset that his bender was interrupted, but he did accompany them to the tomb so that they could retrieve the cylinder. The first chamber was full of spiders, and once they were all killed, it was on to the next chamber, where there were tomb guards. In spite of the fighting with the tomb guards, it did not escape our notice that there were many carvings on the walls of a battle or rebellion of some kind between feyborn and deva. All the while, we followed the footprints of the man that stole the cylinder from Lazarus, and eventually, we got to the bottom of the final chamber. Here, there were two very feral deva, one an arcane type, and another we could only assume was a warrior. The warrior began speaking with us.

While we did not find out his name, we learned that the cylinder contained a key. He referred to the arcane caster as his brother, saying that he and his brother created the lock that the key fits. All further attempts at conversation ended when Hawkeye charged forward, bellowing horribly.

Stranglers and the Sphinx

The forest was thick, but as Faewin grew up in the area, she told us that she knew of an oracle whose advice we might be able to ask. As we approached the area around the cave where the oracle made her home, Lazarus was captured as he attempted to scout ahead. The group of Eladrin that captured him seemed decently friendly, since when we went in to retrieve him, they let him come back to us without a fight. After a short bout of conversation, one of the Eladrin began to give me the creeps, what with the way she was staring so intently at Faewin. The woman yelled something in Eladrin, Elven, or some other snooty language before Faewin and myself ended up flat on our backs and hurting quite severely.

Faewin and I were surrounded, and it took a bit before we were able to get to our feet and do anything that would not put us in a world of hurt. Sivan went into one of his rages, but he was slightly less effective than usual against the woman that had sicked her goons on us all. I had to blast Hawkeye once with an attack, but I apologized, and he said that there were no hard feelings. Just as we thought that we were getting the upper hand, more Eladrin started filtering in from the woods.

One of the Eladrin suddendly gained the ability to fly at one point, and poisoned Hawkeye, which was surprising, and even more of them began to appear in the clearing. Things began to look pretty grim for a while, what with Faewin being held down by vines that grew up from the ground, Hawkeye being frozen, and Lazarus getting pummeled by force arrows. Luckily, Kiri and Caldren got back from their scouting trip just in time to save us, even as Hawkeye and I both fell down bleeding. The female Eladrin mage was flinging bolts of cold at everyone, but suddenly disappeared, transforming herself into a gust of wind. In the end, we managed to kill off all but one. He stabbed himself in the heart, rather than answer any of our questions.

When we entered the cave, the oracle (a sphinx) was already dead. No doubt the Eladrin had killed her after getting (or not getting) the information they wanted out of her. In the stone next to her body was scratched her dying words:

Hunters of stone yet swift as the wind

Within the cold caress of the north

Within the fiery embrace of the south

Within the new born of the east

Within the old serpent of the west

Within the silent grave of the center

Will lay the rising moon to rest

With the key that unlocks

The words that stay within the earth

We figured, after some deliberation, that it basically meant that there was a series of things we had to do in different parts of the continent before whatever catastrophe could be averted.

The puzzle indicated an underground library, and there were two that we could think of, and one of them is closer, which is the library in the former Imperial Capitol of Sarset. If there is no information that is usable there, we can go to Drakka’s Gaze to meet with Pelaios’s contact. If he is unwilling to decipher the artifact, or is no longer there, we will go northwest to Ammad, and look in the catacombs in the Shifter nation and see what we find there.

That night, as we slept, bugbears from Aascheral attacked. They strangled us and beat us with spiked chains, but in the end, we killed them all. Well, all but one, and he ran away. Hopefully, there are no more of those things lurking about…

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Entry by Kan’na I’ra

We entered the Karasi Highlands, and were very glad that there was no lack of water. That had gotten us in enough trouble so far, thank you very much. After a few days, we came across a vineyard, run by a very old Hobgoblin, who was extremely hard of hearing, and Caldren cast a spell so that he could understand the language the old guy was speaking, although none of us could really communicate with him otherwise. Through miming, we did get a cup of wine each off of him. The stuff tasted a little funny, but was otherwise okay.

Some of the younger Hobgoblins came in out of the vineyard, and were a bit suspicious of us, and when we asked to buy wine (again miming, especially Lazarus), they said it was not ready. We did secure a place in the barn for the night, which was fortunate, because the old geezer told us that it was dangerous outside. In the morning, we thanked them and set off again, and soon came to a small town within the Duchy of Sentia.

The story of it being dangerous outside was repeated here, and the innkeeper even told us not to open the windows. All was fine up until there was a scream in the street. Lazarus went off half-cocked and smashed through the window in his room, and some kind of body part hit the window where Makeda and I were. I woke up when I heard the scream, and saw blood all over the window, and Lazarus being an idiot in the street, along with a rather large and hairy shape that looked suspiciously like a werewolf.

It took some time, and Sivan smashing a couple of walls, to get the werewolf to go away, and after all that trouble, there was nothing we could do for the person that had been ripped to shreds. The innkeeper promptly tossed us out on our ears, and we were obliged to take in the hospitality of Mother Nature. No one really got much sleep, because the werewolf was back, and this time, he had brought friends. Several people were bitten, and some nearly died during the battle. When each of the werewolves were killed, they turned back into a human being, and we cremated the bodies. Faewin buried a few silver pieces in with them, to make sure that they couldn’t re-constitute themselves and come after us yet again.

Everyone was cured of the disease that the werewolves carry, except for me, and most of what I am about to write is strictly hearsay because of it. I apparently started to have reddened eyes, and attacked people at random. Quentin enchanted a rope with his sleep spell, and they tied me up. They say I was out for about eight days, until we got to Aascheral, when they took me to a temple of Bane. For a nominal fee, I was restored to health. Of course, this did not exempt me from dog and wolf jokes, the bastards.

We found that Pelaios had been arrested, and his shop trashed, and then went to an inn that Hawkeye recommended, due to their rather unusual beer. Hawkeye also told us about a strange guy that was lurking around and watching him rather intently. He was large, and had strange patterns carved into his skin. The rest of us saw him later after Quentin sneaked into the Citadel while invisible. Some of us went to take a look at the lord’s manor, and we saw that there were an overabundance of bugbears hanging around, which was only slightly odd. As we were leaving, there he was, standing some distance away, and just watching. He had a mechanical arm, and no eyelids. Some of us felt a little cheeky, and waved. He disappeared.

Now, we’re trying to figure out how best to get Pelaios out of jail. He’s being held in the private wing of the dungeon in the Citadel. One thing that might aid in our plans is the lord’s speedy airship. If only we had someone that could fly it…

No Good Dirty Gnome

Entry by Kan’na I’ra

After mopping up the leftovers from the rather nasty cultists, we rested up a bit and then went back to Daseri Outpost. Harr’zun gave us our tattoos, and thanked us again for our services. We went on our way once again.

We had been following the old trade road for about a week and a half when we saw vegetation off in the distance. Since we only had three days worth of water, we decided that his might be our best chance keep from running out. Upon approach, we found a lake (with the ruins of a tower on an island in the middle), surrounded by some marshland, a few trees, and some very formidable-looking bramble vines. Caldren said that it was iron-vine, and that it was not native to this area. In fact, he told us that it wasn’t something you even find on this plane of existence. Iron-vines grow in and around the city of Sigil, on the outer planes.

This made me a little suspicious about whether there might be some kind of portal nearby, and told people to be careful. We started going toward the lake, but then this rather ugly little man wearing a red cap popped up out of the brambles and told us to leave. Caldren asked if we could get some water, and he told us that if we wanted water, we had to pay 200 gold pieces, which we thought was a bit much for water, so he started haggling. That only confused him, and after almost getting down to a reasonable price, he went back up to 200.

After some debate amongst ourselves, we decided just to pay him the 200. He seemed rather scared of what might happen to him if he didn’t get the money, really. Again traveling, we had only been gone the next day when Kiri realized that the water had been poisoned. She felt weak, and dizzy. A search of the area around our wagon found a scrap of green cloth stuck on a slightly protruding nail near one of the wheels.

I didn’t want to say anything, but I did tell people that it might be the Green Gnome. This was a step up in his antagonistic behavior, to be sure. They weren’t sure that it was him, because most of them did not believe he existed. On the other hand, there was still the little man back at the lake, and we decided to turn around and beat him until he told us why the hell he (or whoever else) had poisoned us.

One of the spriggans came out to meet us, though it was impossible to tell if it was the same one. When we asked about if anyone suspicious had come around, he denied it, and tried to make us leave. He was hiding something, clearly. Caldren was fortunate enough to confuse him into saying something about a Green Gnome decidedly not having been there. Kiri was saying that she was going to kill him and drain his blood for her water-tankard, and of course, the little guy wasn’t really all that happed about it. Caldren translated what he was saying, and when I heard the part about the Green Gnome, I sort of threatened the little guy, and the fight started.

There were a few more of the ugly little men there, as well as some uncooperative foliage, and after dealing with those for a while, and killing a good few of the spriggans, we were less than overjoyed to meet their master. A massive purple Fomorian came out of nowhere, and we were obliged to kill him, too. We let one of the spriggan go, primarily because he was the last one alive, and he willingly told us about the Green Gnome, and how he actually had been there. After that, we were able to refill our water barrels and be on our way…once we had relieved the place of any more useful items.

Cult of Personality

In the morning after we had a good night’s rest in real beds, we went off to fulfill the task that Harr’zun set for us. Just about midday, we caught sight of the ruins where the cultists had taken up residence. Approaching cautiously (with some resistance from Kiri, who just wanted to charge in and start killing things), we found several cultists outside, sunning themselves the way lizards do. None of them paid us any real attention until we were close enough to throw rocks at each other if we wanted to. Then, Caldren and I tried talking to them. It isn’t often that I find attempting negotiation to be wrong. However, it turned out that this time, there was nothing that could have been worse.

None of the languages Caldren used got any reaction from them, not even the batting of an eye. I tried the local language, as well as a couple of others, but when I spoke Infernal, they all looked at me. The cultists howled like wolves and muttered things in Abyssal when they attacked, and for a time, I myself was unconscious.

When I came to, we were starting to whittle away at their numbers, and after a time, we killed them all, including a rather nasty ogre. The cultist’s spokesman indicated that their leader was inside the ruins, beneath the ground, so we proceeded downward, hoping that there were no spiders.

Though we encountered no eight-legged obstacles, there was a large room with a floor that sloped down toward the middle of the room. Chains dangled from the ceiling, and from those chains hung the body of what must be one of the abductees from Daseri Outpost. Having gotten our answer as to what they were doing with the obducted people, we decided to proceed with killing the leader, wherever he might be. The walls were painted over in blood, Abyssal curses slithering over their surface, and on the floor was a riddle in an ancient language.

We took some time to decipher it, and once we had, it read,

Bright day conceals the phantoms of despair

While the setting sun reveals the stars of hope and guidance.

Step by step the future will unfold

Beneath the gaze of the watcher false steps will be punished.

The baleful light protected forever

While celestial orbs happily play

And moon seeks flesh and blood to free itself from the eclipse

And illuminate the path to the gates of eternity.

The path through celestial and earthly seas will lead you true

The heavens and earth will lead you astray.

Your guide will keep the path safe

Until you reach the heavenly and Earthly keys.

Released as one, the keys will open

The path that is and the end that is not.

Into the hallway ahead, we found a flagstone floor, carved with various symbols. We could only assume that they represented the lines of the riddle. While I’m good with translation, I was not of much use in figuring out the riddle’s practical application. The others figured out what sequence to step on the tiles through a combination of trial and error and erratic thinking. There was a statue that shot arcane bolts at anyone that stepped on the wrong square. That hurt some of us. Then some of us got hurt a bit since there was lots of jumping involved, but we finally made it past the tiled area of the hallway. There were two alcoves where we had to use the ‘heavenly and earthly keys’, and then we were able to open a door that led down.

The passage that the door opened into was like a tunnel, and it spiralled downward in a gentle slope. On either side, there were deep pits that were lined with spikes. One at a time, we started going down the tunnel, and before I got to go, a giant ball of stone hurled down the tube, bearing down on those that had already begun to descend. They got out of its path by jumping down into the narrow, tracklike pits, but the pits were lined with tiny, razor-sharp blades that cut Sivan’s hands when Kiri jumped onto him. The rest of us followed the rock, but another one started to chase us. The entire group ran down the hallway as fast as they could, but the ball was closing in. At the very end, there was nowhere to go, and the ball was still gaining speed. We knew we were going to die.

As the ball passed through us (because it was an illusion), most of us passed out from shock. Faewin was the only one that did not lose consciousness, and she proceeded to slap us until we woke up. It took us a few minutes to realize what happened, but then we went through a door we hadn’t seen in our panic, and there was an enormous statue. There was only the lead cultist and one of his cronies left, and they stood nearby the statue.

The fight was longer than it should have been, because there was a massive pool of blood on the floor, and when the cultists stood in it, they healed fully, repairing any damage we had done to them. Once we got them out of the blood, they were much more easily dealt with.

Now back in the Daseri Outpost, we are waiting for Harr’zun to give us our tattoos.


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