Once the remnants of the Jade Lynx had recovered from their ordeal, they brought Nesslan back to the wreckage of Skadi. She managed to, with surprisingly little equipment, to perform repairs and the pair limped over to the nearest port outside of the Dead Lands. The companions left her there, since she indicated that her plan was to return home (preferably without them). K’i was kind enough (for a small fee, of course) to take them as far as the Ir Dessi Protectorate, where they bought horses and traveled south.

In Qnajj, Lazarus said his goodbyes, as we had heard in a border town that his brother thought it safe enough to start running the family business. Later communication between Caldren and Lazarus’s younger sister told of a strange sort of showdown between the brothers:

They met in the market square with the sun high overhead, and charged at one another, firing again and again until neither had any bullets left. I imagine that it is very difficult to kill a man that is already dead, and in the end, Lazarus was standing over him, watching him breathe his last. He looked up at me, holstered the gunblade, and waved. That is how I remember him. We have buried them together, in hopes that they remember happier times. I am to take over the family business. So please, if you have need of anything in the city of Qnajj, feel free to prevail upon us for anything.

Caldren knew that Lazarus would never return, but since it was clear that the Jade Lynx had always been nothing more than a means to an end for the man, it gave him little pain. He announced his intention of rebuilding the Jade Lynx to the others, and most agreed to help. Kiri left for a time to find the rest of her family, and Kan’na went home to visit hers. Joachim stayed on as the primary discipline and drill officer, while Faewin was to minister to the sick and wounded. Quentin declined the invitation to renew his commission, choosing instead to return home to Okhrad. War and the Sundering had played havoc with his homeland, and the Royal Family saw him as a godsend. He and his new wife Fatima worked to help the country, and at Quentin’s urging, the king contracted the newly formed Jade Lynx to deal with the horrors that emerged from the Abyss.

After a few months, Kan’na and Kiri returned, just in time to help keep the fledgling company together in the absence of their leader. Caldren, after a great deal of meditation, decided to go on a journey to find his mother. In his stead, Kan’na took the helm, her leadership calculating where Caldren’s had been wise. Faewin wished to be of help to him, but at Kan’na’s urging, stayed with the company. If it was is fate to return, he would. It was not long before the undead portions of the Jade Lynx began causing trouble, trying to pass themselves off as the “original” company. Joachim, Sivon, Kiri and Ferox left, and against all odds eradicated the remaining eight hundred undead Jade Lynx. For nearly a year, Caldren was gone. No word of him reached the company, but in the closing of spring, he returned. Though saddened by the discovery that his mother had passed into the next world, he was glad that she no longer suffered.

Back in the Jade Lynx, Caldren then worked to gain fresh recruits, directing the company as Commander General. It was nearly three years before Joachim sent word that the undead Jade Lynx were finally vanquished. He disappeared into the wilds, and the last news the company had of him was a wanted poster in High Eladrin script nailed to a tree in the Riil’var Territories of Als’alonn. He is wanted dead or alive for high treason, along with all the leaders of the Feyborn Resistance.

Through it all, Karnak remained with the company, providing aid, insight and much needed comic relief. Toward the summer of his third year in Okhrad, however, he caught the eye of a man that said he could make him famous as an entertainer. Kan’na was the only one to see him off as he left, boarding a massive circus airship. Sivon returned to the company and remains loyal to his Commander General to this day, acting as leader of the airborne division of the Jade Lynx. The airships, of course, were built by Nesslan, who had in the meantime started up her own airship-manufacturing corporation. Small, sleek and extremely fast ships were commissioned by the Jade Lynx, and Nesslan jumped at the chance to engineer something even more cutting-edge, and less suicidal, than Skadi.

After she returned with Sivon, Kiri did not remain long in the company. She disappeared with a small number of scouts and trackers that were put under her command. Caldren did not seem very alarmed by this. They returned after few months with a dozen of drake hatchlings taken from their native Thiir’vaas. This was the beginning of the Hellkites, the Jade Lynx air cavalry under Kiri’s command.

Caldren named Faewin head of the Healer’s Corps, which continues its mission of self-sacrifice to keep others alive. Sivon has gained fame as Captain Marshall of the Aviation Division, whose missions take them to the skies above every city on the continent. Kan’na ran the Arcane Division, and formed a unit of Fey-pact specialists known for their ability to be exactly where they were needed on the battlefield. Currently five hundred strong, the Jade Lynx is once again a force to be reckoned with. It is also the only mercenary company to have its own air fleet, fully capable of moving the entire company.

February 21st session
  • The group appears in a cemetery in the middle of the woods.
    • Cemetery is surrounded by a wrought iron fence, no gates.
    • On top of the surrounding pillars are perching stone gargoyles.
    • There are 4 small mausoleums, 1 large one, and a large number of graves.
    • There is a lone armored warrior standing in front of the large mausoleum.
    • As Kiri advances towards the warrior a spectral eye appears and awakens the warrior.
    • More undead come out of mausoleums and out of the graves.
    • As the warrior moves into combat he animates the tombstone in a golem.
  • Once the last of the undead is defeated the cemetery begins to crack.
    • Beyond the cracks is a starry night sky.
    • The gargoyles begin to crack, revealing skeletal creatures inside the stone shell.
    • As the rest of the cemetery falls away the party mounts the skeletal gargoyles and begins flying.
    • The large mausoleum break open revealing a giant semi-mummified godling infant.
    • Flying through the nothingness the godling and it’s angel servitors fight the party.
    • Random pieces of the cemetery fly through the air.
    • Suddenly the godling is protected by an invulnerable force field.
  • The godling lands, all of it’s angels are defeated.
    • Godling lands on a platform with 4 pulsing orbs powering the force field.
    • Undead minions come out of the zone of emptiness in the floor.
    • Once the undead minion is destroyed another one comes up to take its place.
  • Once all for orbs are destroyed the force field goes away.
    • The godling lumbers over and attacks the party.
    • It summons more undead minions.
    • While the rest of the party deals with all the undead minions Kan’na begins to put some hurt on the godling.
    • Unleashes mindquake and meteoric shockwave, and retaliates with life eclipse.
    • Banishes Feawin to the dread realm.
    • At one point the godling begins to feedback all the damage it is taking onto the person that hurt it.
    • With a crit on the godling Sivan nearly kills himself.
    • With a disintegrate Quent weakens the godling enough for Lazarus to use the shard.
    • Lazarus thrusts the shard into the godling, paralyzing it and causing to to begin cracking.
    • The godling is emitting waves of deadly necrotic energy.
    • The pocket dimension begins cracking, opening a crack back to the real world.
    • Sivan sees a nearly invisible airship flying nearby.
      • The ship looks familiar, so he leaps onto it, landing face first on the deck.
    • Joachim leaps onto the ship with nearly dead Feawin, landing on Sivan.
    • Lazarus is still holding onto the shard, and along with the godling his artificial arm begins to crack and disintegrate.
    • Quent casts a fly spell and gets out of pocket dimension moments before the waves of necrotic energy kill him.
    • Kan’na leaps onto the ship, coming short, but manages to teleport on deck.
    • Kiri severs Lazarus’s arm and they get out.
  • Ship is piloted by K’i, who was to make sure that the Jade Lynx succeeded.
  • As the ship is flying away the pocket dimension is destroyed, with shards of damaging K’i’s ship.
    • He manages to get away, as pursuit is nowhere to be seen in the chaos following the godling’s destruction.
February 6th session
20th level
  • Skadi lies crashed in a ravine.
    • Jade Lynx decide to listen to the rider’s offer.
      • He wants the group to perform a ritual to free him from the Child’s control.
      • Ritual involves the divine shard and in the end killing the Child.
      • Moral dilemmas abound about freeing this evil creature.
      • He promises that he is not interested in dealing with Jade Lynx after he is freed.
  • The ritual is performed.
    • Kiri and Feawin have nothing to do with the ritual.
  • After the ritual the rider, Xirasz, and the dragon, Ananata Boga, take Jade Lynx to Sah’akii.
    • Xirasz was a regent in one of the Hobgoblins nations, but was betrayed by someone close to him.
    • Xirasz is some kind of a litch, Ananata Boga is his phylactery.
    • Ananata Boga is a dracolitch, and Xirasz is her phylactery.
  • Jade Lynx arrive at the main temple of Sah’akii.
    • Xirasz lands in a small courtyard in the temple.
    • Jade Lynx goes into the temple.
      • They avoid a small patrol and quickly dispatch another group.
    • They get to a locked door to the inner sanctum.
      • First attempt to open the door fails.
      • The hallway quickly turns icy and a feeling of dread overcomes everyone.
      • Group quickly figures out the door and goes through safely.
    • On the other side they encounter another group of the walking dead.
      • The are led by Kharlea, Kiri’s little brother.
        • Attempt to talk to him fails.
        • A rough fight brakes out.
        • Jade Lynx comes out victorious.
          • Unless the Child is killed soon Kharlea will rise again.
    • As party is trying to decide if the want to rest or keep going the room fills with light.
      • The portal in the room seems to become angry.
      • The party takes their chances and goes into the portal.
January 31st session
7200 xp, 18th level
  • Skadi stops in Shaarecal for supplies and information.
    • Undead troops in the north are on the move.
    • Drakkath Empire is reinforcing their borders.
  • Next stop is Ir Dessi Protectorate.
    • More news on undead movements.
    • Due to war time Skadi cannt fly through the Protectorate.
    • Decision is made to go around into the mountains in the west.
  • An enormous skeletal dragon comes out of the night sky and attacks Skadi.
    • “Lazarus” Attempts to hide from the beast in the ravines below.
    • The dragon’s rider jumps onboard and tries to murder everyone.
      • In the middle of the fight the rider pauses, his eyes begin to glow purple instead of red.
      • He offers Kan’na to make a deal.
        • Kiri stabs him in the back ending the negotiations.
      • With negotiations over the rider causes Skadi to crash.
      • The rider is killed in the process.
        • His spirit remains, mocking the Jade Lynx.
January 24th session
5000 xp
  • Jade Lynx makes a quick stop in Yer’a’vaan Gate to resupply and gather info.
  • Next stop is in Stillwaters for more information.
    • Party finds out about a cave complex just east of Ays’illith capital.
  • Entering the Eld’rahiin kingdom of Als’alonn from the west.
    • Skadi is able to outrun the border defenses.
    • The capital is guarded by a small air fleet.
      • Leading the fleet is the Phoenix, Als’alonn flagship.
    • The plan is hatched to loose the pursuit between the buildings where they are unable to follow.
      • Kan’na I’ra and Quent are to use their arcane powers to turn Skadi invisible for a few minutes.
      • Feawin is to create a flare off the engine to simulate an explosion.
    • Entering the city “Lazarus” is flying low as the Als’alonn airships begin to pursue.
      • After few rough turns everyone almost falls off the ship.
        • Kiri kicks a yippy dog. Into oblivion.
      • Lazarus crashes skadi into a temple tower.
      • Feawin creates an engine flare.
        • Combined with the impact the flare causes a reactor core breach.
        • Feawin almost gets fried. Saves herself by creating a wall of brambles.
      • Joachim almost shoots himself in the face with the 5 lb cannon.
      • Quent and Kan’na turn Skadi invisible.
      • The cave system is found and Skadi lands.
        • Nesslan begins much needed repairs, while a group goes into the city.
    • Quent uses his illusions to disguise everyone as locals.
    • Party finds their way to the temple complex and manages to go inside without any trouble.
    • They find a way down, and run into some guards.
      • Party manages to bluff their way past the guards, only to be stopped by them on a lower level.
        • The guards are not sure how to deal with with the party.
      • A VERY old eladrin shows up and dismisses the guards.
        • He is His Lordship Hiith’aan, Arch Pontefix of Ays’li.
          • Hiith’aan helps the party get the last fragment of the divine essence.
    • Quent turns the party invisible, and everyone gets back to Skadi.
      • Skadi gets out of the cave before the search parties find her.
        • In the process she blasts a ship blocking the cave entrance.
January 17th session
6447 xp, 17th level
  • Skadi enters Tuvar’Axxi Mesa.
    • Vegetation on the mesa seems to be corrupted by the demonic forces in Vress’natar.
  • Skadi arrives in Vress’natar without any problems.
    • From the moment party disembarked they were being followed.
    • They avoid a large contingent of troops trying to capture them.
    • They capture one of the people following them.
      • He was “unemployed” and was paid 2 gold to follow you, along with 4 other “unemployed” men.
      • They were hired by Al’handra Bei’laqua, one of Kan’na’s former associates.
  • Party visits Al’handra Bei’laqua.
    • She has been working with Athaeol Di Hav’I’lhaand, another one of Kan’na’s former associates.
    • Short conversation leaves Al’handra and her arachnid guard dead.
  • Party sneaks into the main temple complex.
    • Going over the fence provides some crazy hi jinx.
      • Spindly chimpanzee-kangaroo things are involved.
    • In the temple Quent disguises the party as tiefling priests.
    • Party makes their way unnoticed to the tree-temple complex bottom.
    • In a room filled with mist they find the remains of the fey god.
      • The corpse is covered with some sort of large worms feeding on the body.
      • In the room they encounter Athaeol Di Hav’I’lhaand.
        • He forsook being a tiefling, and moved onto being a demon.
        • He wants the Divine Shard to power up the worm feeding on the dead god.
          • The abyssal worm is lowly transforming the world into another layer of Abyss.
    • There is a scuffle between Athaeol and the Jade Lynx.
January 10th session
3950 xp
  • Skadi flies south towards Vress’natar.
  • Party Turns west towards Sesh for repairs
    • Land in the port city of Tashi.
    • Party leaned of the ongoing war throughout Avarthum’s Run.
    • While Skadi was being repaired a small unit of Vanasi troops attacks the docks.
      • Seshi troops, with the help of the dwarven ironclad out in the bay repel the the attack from the docks.
      • Jade Lynx defeats the troops attacking the airship grounds.
  • After the attack party flies to Vress’natar
January 3rd session
5520 xp
  • Absorbed the power of the dead god.
  • On the way up to Skadi run into a deranged eladrin.
    • She seemed to have an intimate connection with the forest itself.
    • The presence of “civilized” people, especially the unliving “Lazarus” offended her.
    • After a short scuffle between the party and the eladrin and her tree friends Skadi picks up the group.
  • On the way out of the forest Skadi is attacked by Vulture Hellkites.
    • These are very nasty creatures that resemble a cross between a drake and a bird.
    • A very large Hellkite joins the frey, scaring off the little guys.
      • A chase through the trees takes place.
      • Eventually the Hellkite is driven off.
  • Skadi gets out of the forest and continues south.
December 13th session
10334 xp, 16th level
  • After giving up on the fomorian party continues deeper into the ruins.
  • They encounter a “guardian” of the dead god.
    • The guardian is both a divine and a primordial being. Very unique.
    • The guardian is defeated.
      • The life energy from the guardian heals the party, but also nearly burns them out.
  • After defeating the guardian party keeps moving towards the ruins of the main temple complex.
  • Within the ruins is overgrown corpse of the Feyborn god.
    • The body is covered with red and blue blooms.
  • Once on top of the body the Green Gnome appears.
    • He wants to deal with Kan’na only.
      • Kiri charges him.
        • Green Gnome calls his hillbilly cousins to his aid.
        • After a short scuffle the Green Gnome is killed.
          • After he is “killed” he becomes a 15 foot tall werewolverine thing.
        • After much blood loss the Green Gnome and his cronies are no more.
December 6th session
3610 xp
  • Jade Lynx enters Thiir’vaas through the air on Skadi.
  • While airborne they manage to get near the ruined city that houses the remains of the god.
  • Some wyveryn riding cyclopsi decided that Skadi was an easy prey.
    • They all died.
  • Once deep within the forest party proceeds on foot.
    • Nesslan waits in the forest for the group to return.
      • Sivan is mowing the deck, which begins to sprout.
  • Near semi-intact building party get ambushed by two fomorians and their cyclops lackeys.
    • One fomorian manages to escape back into the building.
    • Pursuit is slowed by traps.
      • Kiri seems to have fondness for bear traps.
      • The last fomorian used his ghost walk ability to thwart the pursuit.

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