Ays’illith, known today as The Forgotten Forest, is the last remaining Feyborn Kingdom. When the War of Crimson Ash threatened the kingdom, Ays’illith did not fight back, merely closing its borders to the outside world. The peoples of the Forgotten Forest strengthened its defenses, and remained secured against the invading dragons in their forest home.

Today the Ays’illith is still closed to all travelers, and nobody has any idea what is happening within its borders.

Now, the forests of Ays’illith are still closed to travelers, and no one has any idea of what happens within. The only thing that is sure is that Ays’illith is the home of the last of the Fey gods.

In the autumn of the year 212 of the Shattered Calendar the kingdom of Ays’illith ceased to exist. The end of Ays’illith is marked by a bloody extermination of all elves and thir supporters by the eladrin loyal to Overlord Kell’iith. In it’s place Als’alonn, Dominion of the Waining Moon is created, home to the Eld’rahiin people.


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