Drashlan is a group of subcontinents spread over the northern and southern hemispheres of the world of Rekh Ir Nasam. It is bound by Raa’nh Ocean to the east, and Ocean of Crimson Mists and the Azure Span to the west. Drashlan itself is divided into four subcontinents. Deme’t’ra to the north east, the twin islands of Manak’kii to the south east, Akhnajj to the south, and Trec’xi to the west.

Rekh Ir Nasam is orbited by two moons. Nasara’s Gaze is a large silvery blue moon on a 30 day orbit that is used for tracking time. Xenthras is a small reddish moon that completes its orbit only once a year. During full moon, Xentras appears to be made out of wrought iron plates bolted together. As Xentras makes its way around Rekh Ir Nasam, its plates slowly shift. These plates shift in 42 year cycles.

The landscapes vary throughout the world, with scattered earthmotes throughout. Earthmotes are pieces of earth floating above the earth thanks to innate primal energy. Earthmotes are most common alnog the equator, with Nan Asadi Straights haveing the greatest number of them.

The world below the surface of Rekh Ir Nasam is a bizzare place full of mysteries. The earth is riddled with caves and tunnels for miles. It is here the Dwarves make their fortunes and fight the many Goblinoids and Warforgedfor the treasures of the earth. As you go deeper into the earth the darkness gives way to shadows. These shadows are home to the mysterious Morketten. What is within those shadows, and beyond them, is a mystery to all but the Morkhetten, and they are not very fond of visitors.

While many expeditions have tried to discover the secrets of the Morkhetten, and of the shadows they live in. Out of all who tried only two explorers returned, their minds broken, spouting nonsense.

One of these explorers, a hobgoblin named Sahak, returned a lone survivor of an expedition below the surface about 800 years before the War of Crimson Ash. He was found wondering naked through the streets of Ammad spouting stories how he has made it past the shadows, beyond which lies a great machine of whirling gears and pistons.

The other explorer, a Deva by the name of Rethaal, was found near Kestra 50 years ago, wondering aimlessly claming the sea of fire beyond the cities made of shadows is waging war on the seas of water that cover the surface.


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