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The land of Drashlan it a troubled place.

Two hundred years ago, Nefedarss’thalonatii, the Empress of Scales crossed the Raa’nh Ocean, bringing about the beginning of the Drakkath Empire, and with them, the twenty-year War of Crimson Ash. This conflict brought about the demise of the Five Kingdoms of the Feyborn, primarily because these former allies refused to unite in the face of the invading legions.

From the ashes of the Five Kingdoms, three nations managed to survive. Sah’akii, The Grave Baronies; Vress’natar, The Burning Lands; and Ays’illith, The Forgotten Forest are all that remain.

Whereas the Five Kingdoms crumbled, a group of like minded city-states known as the Taelnar League put aside old grievances. The Taelnar League banded together, their combined military might (and not a little luck) allowing them to weather the onslaught of the Drakkath.

To the surprise of many, the Orcish tribes did not form a horde in the resulting power vacuum. Instead, the tribes created a loosely-unified confederation, now known as the Shattered Sword Territories.

In the wake of the war, both the Haan Sad Empire in the Plains of Torann, and the Vanasi Commonwealth along Avarthum’s Run have been burned, leaving mere cinders behind. From the fallout of those two mighty kingdoms developed numerous smaller nations.

The game begins in the year 212 of the Shattered Calendar, in the early summer.

Year 212 of the Shattered Calendar, early summer. Vanasi begins a Second War of Unison against Okhrad.

Year 212 of the Shattered Calendar, early autumn. Rumors are coming out of Ays’illith that the Eladrin there are murdering all the Elves in some sort of cleansing. The few survivors lucky enough to escape talk of all the Elves being slaughtered like cattle, their only crime is being Elves.

Year 212 of the Shattered Calendar, late autumn. Eladrin emissaries announce the end of the Ays’illith. A new kingdom emerges in it’s place, Als’alonn, Dominion of the Waining Moon under the rule of Sovereign Protector, Overlord Kell’iith.

Winter, year 212 of the Shattered Calendar. Sundering splits entire Avarthum’s Run in two, putting an end to the Second War of Unison.

Main Page

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