• Forsaken
  • At character creation you get the following ability modifiers:
    • +2 Charisma.
    • Your choice of +2 Strength or +2 Dexterity.
  • Shadar-Kai
  • At character creation you get the following ability modifiers:
    • +2 Dexterity.
    • Your choice of +2 Intelligence or +2 Constitution.

The once-great Kingdom of Sah’akii has now become a grouping of small cities known as The Grave Baronies. Formerly, The Grave Baronies were a Kingdom of the Feyborn. During the War of Crimson Ash, the Feyborn tapped into the powers of the Shadowfell in an attempt to better fight the draconic invaders. Their dark rituals, designed to harness the dark powers of the Shadowfell for their benefit, had unexpected results.

By some unknown cause, the portal between this world and the shadow realm changed, its new parasitic nature feeding on the sleeping god Sah’ren, and her unborn child. When this was discovered, a ritual was hastily prepared to close the rift. The sorcerers proved unequal to the task, and the ritual became more than they were able to control. As a result, Sah’ren was killed, and the rift only grew after the goddess perished. Most of the citizenry died horribly as the dark energy spread across the land, with their souls forever destroyed. The poor survivors became the Bleak Ones, and dark energy suffused the land.

Those Feyborn that survived found themselves changed. At first, it was merely a feeling; a tingling sensation somewhere in the back of the head. The true change, however, did not become apparent until the survivors of Sah’akii’s fall gave birth to the next generation. Without exception, every child was born with skin black as pitch, and hair the color of snow. As if that were not enough, they had lost their connection with nature, developing abilities that allowed them to control darkness around them.

As these children became adults, their unique abilities caught the attention of the Triumvirate, the ruling force over the Grave Baronies. The Triumvirate’s decision to take in these children and foster their powers has only caused them to be feared. Outside the lands of the dead, these dark-skinned peoples are known as the Forsaken. Others of the Feyborn realm see the Forsaken as twisted mockeries of themselves, treating them with distrust.

Today Sah’akii is the land of the walking dead; a permanent crossroads between Feywild and Shadowfell. Its many small cities are ruled by undead masters. Dark and foreboding woods and wild meadows are inhabited by people who keep to themselves during the day, and lock the doors while against creatures that roam the night.

Through the weakened boundaries between the realms of light and shadow have crossed many Shadar-Kai, and can they be found throughout Drashlan. The Shadar-Kai, like all true followers of the Lady in Crimson, hold no fear of death. Pity, compassion, and trust have no place in their hearts, and it is easy to see in their glittering black eyes. Ambitious to the core, a Shadar-Kai would slay his own mother if he thought it might gain him personal glory. Know the Shadar-Kai by their ash-colored skin, which is littered with tattoos and ritual scarring, as well as their fondness for exotic weapons.


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