The people of the Kingdom of Thiir’vaas attempted to turn the forces of nature against the invading legions, only to have those same powers turn on them. In a short period of time, the Empire’s armies were pushed back by the rapidly growing forests, and the dangerous fey that called it their home. However, as the warlocks of the Kingdom fought to channel the most primal energies of the Feywild, they found themselves woefully unable to control them. The same woods that saved the Kingdom from the Wyrms soon choked all life and light of civilization from the cities and villages that had once been there.

Even today, Thiir’vaas is a region teeming with life. Fast-growing plants and the ever-changing living landscape destroy any attempts to create permanent settlement, while the ruins of ancient Feyborn cities lie deep in forgotten groves, their protective charms having only been able to slow the advance of the trees.

Some settlements have been reestablished, using magics to keep the forest at bay.

home of the goddess Thii’rath


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