• At character creation you get the following ability modifiers:
    • +2 Intelligence.
    • Your choice of +2 Constitution or +2 Charisma.

Vress’natar was once a Feyborn kingdom known for its powerful demon binders and dark magicks. Through pacts made with Infernal forces, they gained tremendous power, but using that bond, devils slowly infiltrated all levels of society to lay in wait. Their moment to reveal their true purpose came with the advent of war.

Near the end of the War of Crimson Ash, the coup d’etat was executed through clever timing and an ingenious plan. The Infernal powers that had already entered into the ranks coordinated a secret ritual that created a gap in the divine shield surrounding Vress’tha while the god walked amongst the elven army. When one of Nefedarss’thalonatii’s Consorts fought with Vress’tha in battle, the divine shield failed at a critical moment, and the god was slain. In this way, the infernal powers gained total control of the Kingdom.

After the war those loyal to the infernal powers began crossbreeding Feyborn with fiends of all sorts, thus creating Tieflings. Today no Feyborn remain, and the kingdom is primarily composed of Tieflings.

The once lush tropical forests that covered the kingdom have become twisted mockeries of life, corrupted by the Infernal power leaking through many fractures between the worlds. The area around those rifts is a charred wasteland inhabited by creatures that have become tainted by infernal energies.


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