Trade Languages

These are languages used by merchants. Their vocabulary is limited to performing trade transactions, but fail at conveying more abstract ideas.

Racial Languages

These are languages unique to specific races. These are base languages that have evolved into many other languages.

  • Draconic: Spoken throughout the Drakkath Empire, this is the language of Nefedarss’thalonatii’s spawn, spoken mostly by dragons, Dragonborn, and Kobolds.
    • Drikkha (a.k.a. high draconic): This language is virtually unknown outside of the Drakkath Empire. It is used exclusively by the Empire’s elite, with harsh punishments for anyone of lower status who dares to use it. If a creature of non-draconic blood is even though to as much as understand the language, it is killed on the spot.
  • Dwarven: Spoken almost exclusively in the Dwarven Nations. Majority of Dwarves not native to the Dwarven Nations have only a passing understanding of the language. It is an offshoot of the Giant language, sharing its runic alphabet.
  • Elven: Evolved from the Fey tongue, this language is a more refined version of its root language. It was used in the Five Kingdoms of the Feyborn, and after their fall its use has spread throughout the lands along with the feyborn refugees.
    • Thii’raas: This is an ancient form of the Elven language. Today is is only used by scholars studying ancient feyborn texts. This language uses a more complex form of elven alphabet.
  • Fey: The language used by many wild fey creatures throughout Drashlan. It is a spoken only language.
  • Goblin: Taking it’s roots from Primordial, this primitive language is used by countless goblin and bugbear tribes. It uses a simple set of pictograms as it’s written component.
    • Hobgoblin: This is a highly refined version of the Goblin language. This language uses a complex alphabet consisting of over 4000 unique symbols. Person skilled in this language may understand some Goblin language, but could not speak effectively, or read Goblin pictograms.
  • Gnomish: Used exclusively in the Gnomish communities, this is a more advanced form of the Fey tongue. It uses a hieroglyphic alphabet.
  • Giant: Offshoot of the Primordial language, it is used by many giant races living throughout Drashlan. It uses a runic alphabet.
  • Orcish: Based on the Giant tongue, it borrows heavily from the Hobgoblin language. The alphabet is a cross between the runic Giant alphabet and the hobgoblin symbols. Usually only spiritual leaders and powerful chieftains know how to read and write it.
  • Goliath: Another offshoot of the Giant language, it is used by Goliath nomads throughout Drashlan. It uses a hieroglyphic alphabet.
  • Infernal: Language used by devils, usually used only for formal occasions within Vress’natar.
  • Abyssal: Language used by the chaotic denizens of Abyss, the language is extremely difficult to learn as it varies greatly between each individual using it. It relies on demon’s natural telepathic and emphatic powers to relay ideas, in addition to the spoken word.
  • Shifter: Spoken throughout the Shifter lands in the Deme’t’ra’s north, the origins of this language are unknown. It bears no resemblance to any other known language, and some scholars speculate that it predates even the Elven language. It’s written form uses a unique alphabet.
  • Primordial: Language native to the Elemental Chaos, it is a root language to many languages throughout Drashlan. It is a spoken language only.
  • Supernal: Language spoken by angelic beings, it is said to be the language created by first divine beings as a gift for their servants.
  • Sserashi: Language used by Lizardfolk and the Serpents throughout Drashlan. Uses it’s own hieroglyphic alphabet.

Regional Languages

These languages are not linked to any specific race, but rather a region or a nation. They are used by members of many different races.

  • Hadaan: Spoken throughout the Haan Sad empire, the language traces it’s roots to Supernal, giving further credibility to the divine origins of the Empire’s rulers. It uses its own unique script.
  • Quan: Used in Qnajj, this language is a mixture of Hadaan and Goliath languages. It uses Hadaan script.
  • Rasoon: This language is a bizarre mixture of Hobgoblin and Elven languages used in Roosa’ki. It’s alphabet is likewise a combination of Elven script and Hobgoblin symbols.
  • Vanasi: Used as an official language of the Vanasi Empire before the War, today it is spoken in Vanasi and Okhrad. While the two nations share the language, the dialects in each country are very distinctive. Vanasi uses it’s own form of script.
  • Baharat: A form of the Vanasi language heavily influenced by Orcish language used in Bharat. Uses Vanasi Script.
  • Seshi: Mixture of Vanasi, Orcish, and Elven languages used in Sesh. Uses Vanasi script.
  • Veratt: Spoken throughout Yaexx’iqan and Vress’natar, it is a mixture of Elven and Infernal languages. Uses Elven script.
  • Cerazi: Spoken exclusively in Cerazi, this is the “pure” form of the Vanasi language, untainted by nonhuman languages. Uses ancient form of Vanasi script, untainted by foreign symbols.
  • Karas: Used throughout Karasi Highlands and in Aascheral. Uses Hadaan script.
  • Hasari: Language spoken throughout many islands off the west coast of Deme’t’ra, mainly on Verudan Islands and Scenn’tan Isles, as well as by people living around Gulf of Athriq. Uses Sserashi hieroglyphs.
  • Tennsa: Language used on Lotus Islands. Uses it’s own unique script.
  • Heg: An ancient form of the Shifter language, used exclusively on Terig Hagdir Islands.
  • Desai: Language spoken in Ir Dessi Protectorate, a mixture of Elven and Hadaan. Uses Hadaan script.


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