The World is full strange creatures, both harmless and deadly. Some of these are a common sight, while others are rare and wondrous.


guildmaster_mount_concept_by_egilthompson-d5g9w83.jpgChanaaks are large, relatively primitive, flightless birds. They still bare resemblance to their draconic ancestors, with their toothy beaks and vestigial claws on their wings. They stand at five to six feet at the shoulder, though subspecies as tall as seven feet at the shoulder are known, and resemble a roadrunner. Their plumage is commonly brown to reddish-brown with white and black markings. Their heads are adorned with a variety of colorful feathery crests. While not aggressive, Chanaaks do have a sharp beak and large, razor sharp talons on their powerful legs that they use to defend themselves. While unable to fly, their wings are large enough to allow them to glide short distances.

Because Chanaaks are naturally not agressive, intelligent and easy to train, they have been domesticated for thousands of years and are the most common riding animal in the world. In addition to being a mount, they also make a decent beast of burden, pulling carts and wagons. On a rare occasion they will be even used as a plow animal, but that task is more commonly left to other animals better suited for the job.


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